What's New

September 2017

Fresh - Shopping Organizer version 2.6 has now been released in the Google Play Store!

This version has three new features:

1) View Sheets on the Stock List This will use any app already on your device that can read an .xls file (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Polaris Viewer 5) but these may not function as well as  Google Sheets. If you do not have a suitable viewer on your device you will be taken to Google Play Store to install Google Sheets when you press the Sheets Icon. Mobile devices with small screens may have a View Sheets item on the overflow menu instead of the Sheets icon. We recommend installing Google Sheets even if you have another viewer such as Microsoft Excel or the Polaris Viewer installed, when you press the View Sheets icon it will offer you the choice of which viewer to use.

2) A Stock List Report in .xls format is now sent to Google Drive if you are logged in.

3) An experimental feature has been added to allow you to see the Nutrition Label, product image, description, and possibly a link to see further information/purchase via Amazon (US or UK), Waitrose (UK) or Superdrug (UK) for any of the items on your Stock List, Shopping List or Out of Stock List.


To use the feature your smartphone must be running Android version 6 (Marshmallow) or later and must have Bluetooth 4.0+ turned on. You will also need access to a Chromebook, or Tablet running Android 6.0 or later, with Bluetooth turned on, and Google Chrome browser with Experimental Web Platform features enabled.(This experimental feature may be supported on certain Mac and Windows platforms but we have not tested these at this time). 

How to use

1) On your Chromebook or Tablet, open Chrome browser (version 61 or later) and navigate to chrome://flags 
Please read the warning at the top of the page. You will see a list of features, find and enable Experimental Web Platform features. (You can find it by using Ctrl+F and typing in Experimental Web)

2) Navigate to our secure test site https://test.enbase.com and tap on the Barcode Lookup icon or navigate directly to https://test.enbase.com/apps/fresh/barcode-lookup or https://test.enbase.com/5411188091912

3) Open the Fresh - Shopping Organizer app version 2.6 on your smartphone.

4) On the Barcode Lookup web page you will see a Bluetooth button, press it. A message box will pop-up and it will try to detect nearby Bluetooth devices, after a short while you should see your smartphone listed, select it to pair the Fresh -Shopping Organizer to the Web page.

5) In Fresh - Shopping Organizer if you tap on any product listed in the Stock Lists, Shopping List or Out of Stock List, you will see the barcode of the product sent to the webpage and you should be able to see details of the product.


1) Not all products will have extended information available, we currently use the nutrition tables from the USDA Branded Products Database and images, descriptions, and other ingredients/nutrition data from Amazon, Waitrose, Superdrug, and other sites where we have permission.

2) There is a small possibility that an item you select in the app may produce a 'not found' response on the Barcode Lookup webpage. This is because the Barcode Lookup page on the test server may have slightly less items in the database than the 'live' server that your smartphone used to scan in the items the barcode. We update the test server weekly, while the 'Live Server' is updated on a continuous basis.

3) Careful, these experiments may bite. Please read the warning at the top of the Google Flags page.