A Fresh new way to organize your food and grocery shopping

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Scan barcodes directly to your Stock Lists or Shopping List




Use your device light at night



Scan barcodes one at a time or choose continuous scan for faster entry

Stock List


Don't type - just scan - if your product barcode can't be identified immediately, we'll send you a 'pending' note. The product will be added as soon as the Enbase team have found it.


Add a note to any product - when you opened it, what recipe to use, calories, anything you choose!


See what's in your fridge, freezer or cupboard from anywhere - Move products between lists at any time. Display in Google Sheets... print it and pin it up in your larder if you must :)








Add items to the Shopping List from your out-of-stock list or scan barcodes


Edit the quantity or price of any item


Check things off when you buy them. Checked items automatically move out of your way to the bottom of the list. Hit the "Finish" flag and all checked off items will be moved to the stock lists!









Uses your Google Drive account to backup and share your data between all your Android devices at no extra cost
Sync with Google Drive
Add Notes to Items in Fresh PERSONALISE

Add notes to each item

Share your shopping list with others using email, SMS and more




Fresh uses the power of crowd-sourcing. If the Enbase team can't identify the barcode you've scanned, they'll send a request to you for help via Fresh, your feedback will help others. Enbase aims to identify 95% of your barcodes first time.

NEW for 2016!

Add new products to the database.

Help others or jump the 'pending' queue! 
We'll verify and add it as a priority.

If you're a supplier and want to let customer's scan your latest products with Fresh you can add them one at a time; if you have many to add just contact our support and we'll add them for you!

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NEW! - Search'n Scan

Want to add a product to your shopping list that you haven't bought before and you don't have a product with a barcode to scan? Now you can search for it on your laptop, PC or tablet - hover the mouse over each search result and it'll show the product's barcode, simply scan it with Fresh! Try it now...

Search 'n Scan
Search 'n Scan