Settings Menu

Shopping List

By default the Shopping List will show prices, and use USD as the currency.  The Setting menu enables you to turn off this feature if you don't want it, or to change the currency to GBP or EUR.

Sales Tax

For countries that add sales tax at the checkout, from the Shopping List you can mark items that are 'taxed', so that the totals at the bottom of the screen include sales tax. The rate of sales tax and the currency can be chosen from the Settings menu. If you're travelling you can change the currency - $, £ or Euro is currently available - you will need to re-enter the price for any previously priced items.

For EU countries, the retail marked price always includes any VAT, you should leave the 'taxed' box unchecked; for business users buying goods for business use, you can of course set the sales tax to the VAT rate and check the 'taxed' box on the Shopping List, enter each price excluding VAT and it will calculate the 'checkout' totals including VAT.

You can turn this new price display feature off if you prefer, this will return the quantity setting to the old spinner style.



The default Focus Mode A will suit most devices, however if you experience difficulties in focusing on barcodes you may find that Focus Mode B is preferable.

By default Use Exposure is off, and Use Metering is on. These options should only need to be changed if your device cannot reliably scan barcodes.

Beep on/ofvolume will setf will operate even if your device has Ringer volume set to minimum or off.Your devices Media volume determines the loudness of the Scanner's Beep.

Vibrate (haptic feedback) is normally on. This setting will not be visible on devices that have no vibrate (e.g. Nexus 7 tablet)

Auto-rotate is normally on, however you can turn this off if you find this inconvenient.