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November 2017

This enbase.com website is now a secure site - you will see a padlock in the browsers navigation bar, showing that your connection to the server is encrypted for your security.

Thanks to this new security, we are now able to offer you a new feature that will let you connect your Fresh - Shopping Organizer App via Bluetooth® LE to our Barcode Lookup page to see information about any product in your Stock Lists, Shopping List or Out of Stock List! See below for details.

This new feature is in Fresh - Shopping Organizer version 2.6 available from the Google Play Store.

This version has three new features:

1) View Sheets on the Stock List This will use any app already on your device that can read an .xls file (e.g. Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Polaris Viewer 5). If you do not have a suitable viewer on your device you will be taken to Google Play Store to install Google Sheets when you press the Sheets Icon. Mobile devices with small screens may have a View Sheets item on the overflow menu instead of the Sheets icon. We recommend installing Google Sheets even if you have another viewer such as Microsoft Excel or the Polaris Viewer installed, when you press the View Sheets icon it will offer you the choice of which viewer to use.

2) Stock List Report in .xls format is sent to Google Drive if you are logged in.

3) Barcode Lookup feature via Bluetooth® LE A feature has been added to allow you to connect the Fresh - Shopping Organizer App to the Barcode Lookup page on our new secure website. This new feature will allow you to tap on any product in the Stock List, Shopping List or Out of Stock List in the Fresh - Shopping Organizer App and on the Barcode Lookup page see the Nutrition Label, product image, description, and possibly a link to see further information or purchase via Amazon (US or UK), Waitrose (UK) or Superdrug (UK) . Find out how to do this here: How to Set up Fresh Bluetooth


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