Pancakes - Cook or Buy?



Pancakes are traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) in the UK and many other countries, but pancakes are nice at anytime!

If you like to cook from scratch, the basic ingredients are just flour, eggs and milk but we recently posted a link to a few healthy pancake recipes - - from gluten-free pancakes topped with fresh fruit and syrup, to herb-packed savoury varieties with cream cheese and avocado, and fluffy banana pancakes made without any dairy or egg to please any vegan! Of course you can always experiment with the recipes and swap out cows milk for plant based 'milk', or add a dash of cinnamon or vanilla extract for extra flavour!

If you'd rather warm up a ready made pancake in the microwave or pop it in a pan with a knob of butter, most supermarkets have ready made packs - one of our favourites is from Waitrose - made from fresh eggs and fromage frais at  £2 for a pack of 8 it's hard to beat -  barcode is 5000169118955 - order some here 

Looking for something different? Syrniki are pancakes made with quark (soft cheese) you'll find a recipe on Jamie Oliver's site here: