Fresh 2.5

Fresh 2.5 will soon be in the Google Play Store!

Stock Lists

The Stock Lists for your Fridge, Freezer & Cupboard now show the quantity below the item description.

(The days to expiry is on the right as before)


 Just tap the item description and tap the pencil icon to Edit the quantity, description, expiry date, or to add a Note.

Shopping List

The Shopping List has had a makeover too! Quantity is now displayed below the item description the same as on the Stock Lists, this gives more room for a longer description. The Finish button (chequered flag) on the Shopping List puts all checked-off items way as before, but now multiple quantities of the same item will be combined on the same line. Note that if you buy more later and add them to the Stock List the same way, they will be on a separate line in the Stock List - since it is assumed that will have a different expiry date.

This version also lets you choose the Quantity to Move from the Shopping List or the Stock  Lists. If you have just completed your shopping and pressed the Finish button to put all checked-off items away on the Stock Lists, you may find that for example you have 4 loaves of bread on the Cupboard list with an expiry of 4 days, and you want to put 3 of them away in the Freezer for later. Just tap the item and select Move item... from the menu (or the arrow icon), now set the Quantity to 3, tap 'Freezer' - voila job done - the items on the Freezer list will automatically have the expiry date set to 30 days!

Settings Menu

Shopping List: New in this version are support for the Indian Rupee and South African Rand.

Scanner:  You can now choose to have Always Continuous scan (the default for new users) or the old single-shot scan.

Continuous scan enables you to rapidly add multiple items to your stock lists or Shopping List, with the item Quantity automatically updated as you scan.

Tip: Note that all items with the same barcode will be combined on the Stock List (even if they have different expiry dates); so if you have for example 12 pots of yogurt, but 4 of them have a different expiry date, just scan one of the pots 8 times, then tap the bar at the bottom of the scanner screen to return to the Stock List, tap the Scan icon then scan the product a further 4 times and tap the bottom bar again. You will find you now have the same item on the Stock List twice, one with Quantity 8 and the other with Quantity 4. Edit the expiry dates by tapping on each item and tapping the Pencil icon in the top bar. 

Online Product Database

Our database continues to grow rapidly and now has over 360,000 products.


How do I know what version I have installed? 

Tap Help on the slide -out menu, then tap About - this new version starts

If you have an earlier version, just go to Google Play Store, search for Fresh - Shopping Organizer and select Update.