Art of the Larder

"The Art of the Larder" is the third book by Claire Thompson and a Kindle Edition is due for release 5 October! 


The Art of the Larder contains 150 dishes that offer everyday meal solutions, all with store cupboard basics at their heart. An organized, methodical and economical kitchen cupboard can be life-changing. Knowing that you can always have a simple, healthy, delicious meal at your fingertips will revolutionise the way you cook and shop. Dishes include buckwheat crêpes, sour cherry and pistachio pilaf, firecracker noodles, red lentil hummus, spiced Moroccan almond pastries, date and semolina bars, honey and nutmeg tea bread. The Art of the Larder is a vital cookbook in every kitchen! 

Since the Kindle app for Android is free we think the Kindle edition is a bargain! Of course we also think that having a well stocked larder (and freezer!) is essential, and think that our Fresh - Shopping Organizer app for Android is just the job for keeping track of what's in stock - and helps to avoid those annoying times when you've just bought yet another coriander refill when it was the cumin that had run out!

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