In Store Code

Sometimes when you scan a barcode with Fresh - Shopping Organizer you may see 

In Store Code

listed as the description. This is because you have scanned a product where the supermarket has used a restricted use barcode that is intended only for use at that store. These are known as Restricted Circulation Numbers, RCN-12 is a 12-digit Restricted Circulation Number and RCN-13 is a 13-digit Restricted Circulation Number.

Typically these are used for items that are sold by weight, such as cheese, fish, or items from the delicatessen counter. Our database has many such items with a description that a user has entered.

You can check who any barcode has been licensed to at the official GS1 site here:; if you enter a 13 digit code starting 02 it will show "Prefix 20-29 for internal use only". More information about the use of the 20- prefix in the UK can be found here:

To complicate matters, some supermarkets use these codes for their own brand products, rather than just for items sold by weight; and some stores such as ALDI and Lidl use 8 digit codes that start with a 2. e.g.  20951009 Oaklands Unicorn Carrots 350g (Lidl) , 25272666 Bramwells Mint Sauce 180g (ALDI) See:

If you shop at the same store every time, the code should be for the same item/weight; if you shop at another store or in another country however, there is a very small chance that the same code may have been used for a completely different product!

If that happens, or if you see the "In Store Code" message, just tap on an item in the list, edit the description and save it, the next time you scan the same barcode it will use your own description and not the description from our database.