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Happy Christmas. Feliz Navidad. Joyeux Noël.  Frohe Weihnachten. Vrolijk Kerstfeest. Buon Natale. С Рождеством. Feliz Natal. Wesołych Świąt. Linksmų Kalėdų. З Різдвом.  Весела Коледа. Linksmų Kalėdų. Veselé Vianoce.


We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Since the launch of our Fresh - Shopping Organizer App for Android on 8th June we've been busy behind the scenes adding our Search'n Scan and Barcode Lookup features to the website and most importantly we've been adding tens of thousands of new products from around the globe to the database. 

We'd like to thank all those that have contacted us and provided feedback, and for your patience while we build up the database.

If you've scanned in many 'not found' items please try scanning them again, hopefully they will have been added to the database and if not don't hesitate to contact us to tell us what items have proved a problem. Tip: You can force the App to synchronize Pending items if you move between the Fridge, Freezer and Cupboard tabs.

Sometimes barcodes just won't scan!


A torn wrapper on a snack bar, crumpled plastic on a bag of salad, problems due to worn or dirty labels, colour contrast, or print quality, whatever the reason Team Tom sometimes get confused.

So we've added a new feature to the Barcode Lookup page to solve the problem,  just type in the numbers (GTIN) below the barcode...

Stabilo Boss Highlighter Pink
Stabilo Boss - Original Highlighter Pink - GTIN 4006381333689


Now you can scan the barcode with your smartphone!


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Barcode Lookup
Barcode Lookup

Want to add a product to your shopping list, that you haven't bought before, and you don't have a product with a barcode to scan? Go to our Search'n Scan page!

You can search for it on your laptop, PC or tablet,  hover the mouse over each search result and it'll show the product's barcode.

Open up your Fresh - Shopping Organiser App and navigate to the Shopping List, then scan the barcode!


Shopping List Scan button

Try it now:  Search'n Scan...

Search'n Scan


Also now in beta test is our Barcode Lookup page.  You can enter a barcode and get the product description, for many products there is also an image and a longer description.

We are adding hundreds of products from around the world every week, if you can't find the product check back in a few days!

Every time someone searches on a new barcode from this page or scans a new barcode with their  Fresh - Shopping Organiser App we make it a priority to add it to our database!


Try it now: Barcode Lookup...


Barcode Lookup
Barcode Lookup