Hi! We've been busy updating our database over the past few months, adding nutrition tables and product images for many more products, so now when you use the Barcode Lookup page you will see the extra information on many products.

The Search 'n Scan page has also been updated so that you can click on any of the search results to see the details. So for example, if you search for old el paso vegetarian refried  your results should include Old El Paso Refried Beans Vegetarian 453g - just click on it and you'll be taken to the Barcode Lookup page for barcode 0046000843513 showing the new nutrition table.

Currently the database has over a quarter of a million products and to date over 41,000 have nutrition tables.*

Apart from the nutrition tables, over 10,000 products now have links to Waitrose and Amazon UK where you can find out more, or buy on-line! For example the popular products: 

Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup - barcode 5000157062673

Nairn's Cheese Oatcakes barcode 0061232201948

Sacla Classic Basil Pesto - barcode 8001060375109

Many more links and online stores will be added over the coming months!

*Please note: Product recipes are often changed, this may affect nutrition and allergen information, therefore you should always check product labels and not rely solely on the information presented here.

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Happy Christmas 2016!

We wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! 

Thank you to all our fans!

A big thank you to all those that have scanned cupboards, fridges, freezers and supermarket shelves with Fresh - Shopping Organizer in 2016! We also thank you for your patience while we build up our database - it's been a very busy year for the team, we've developed exciting software to automate building our database as quickly as possible with supermarket products from around the world - our aim is to offer you the best barcode scanner driven shopping organizer wherever you live!

Remember - keep on scanning and let us do the typing!

On 23rd November 2014 we added the first item to our supermarket products database, Alpro Soya Milk Original 1L, Barcode: 5411188091912 the first item to hand from the fridge!

That was exactly two years ago, and 7 months before we launched the Fresh - Shopping Organizer on Google Play Store. Our initial target was to overtake the size of the food database at OpenFoodFacts.org (that was started in 2012 and last month had around 103,000 items).

We're pleased to announce our team hit that target in December 2015 and now have more than doubled that target with over 220,000 products in our 'live' database!

We have many thousands more being reviewed every week in our 'pending' database - please keep on scanning and leave the typing to us!

You scan - We type!

Unique Database

The database used by Fresh - Shopping Organizer is unique, every item has a suggested expiry date and suggested storage location. When you scan bar-codes with the App, items are automatically put in the correct category of your shopping list or storage location; this makes it easy for you to shop for the chilled and frozen items in the supermarket after you've filled your trolley with 'cupboard' items! Although we concentrated on foods initially, our database also contains all the items you would expect to find in a large supermarket - these are known as FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer goods).

Top Brands

Curious to know which brands have the most bar-codes in our database?

Although many would guess that global brands such as Kellogg's, Kraft, and Nestlé would be the brands with most products, it is actually supermarket 'own brands' that dominate - simply because they offer a much wider range of goods than brands that are associated with particular types of food, such as breakfast foods or beverages.

Brands such as Tesco can be found on over 12,000 different products, the top brands in our database with thousands of products each are all supermarket 'own brands' including Sainsbury's, Ahold, ASDA, Walmart, Waitrose, Target, IGA, Kroger, Carrefour!

Data Quality

We 'clean up' the data we get from supermarkets, for example we take great care to get brand spelling correct - for example many supermarkets often list popular brands McVitie's as Mcvities, Kellogg's as Kelloggs, and of course Müller, Nestlé and Häagen Dazs are rarely listed correctly. We are also constantly surprised how many supermarkets fail to realise that shoppers can't find products when they search on their websites, simply because they have abbreviated product names or descriptions, so ('you know who you are supermarket') is b/berry blackberry, blueberry or even bilberry? 

Fed up with surprises at the check-out? Want to budget better? Buy just enough to get those extra points on your loyalty card without spending more than necessary?

New version 2.3 adds prices

Fresh - Shopping Organizer version 2.3 out this month lets you add the price of each item on your Shopping List, it automatically re-calculates the total if you change the quantity, keeps a running total of all the items on your list, and a running total of all the items as you check them off. All prices are stored, so that the next time you shop you'll know what you paid last time.

Edit Price

 To edit the Price tap on the £1.89 and use the keypad to enter the price 'ATM style'.

The Quantity can be changed by tapping on the + or - buttons, if you tap and hold them it will change the setting rapidly, or if you prefer, tap on the quantity and use the keypad.

Sales Tax
For countries that add sales tax at the checkout you can also mark each item that is taxable, so that the totals includes sales tax. The rate of sales tax and the currency can be chosen from the new Settings menu, by default the total prices will be displayed, and it will use the default currency of your device. If you're travelling you can change the currency - $, £ or Euro is currently available, you will need to re-enter the price for any previously priced items.

For EU countries, the retail marked price always include any VAT, you should leave the 'taxed' box unchecked; for business users buying goods for business use, you can of course set the sales tax to the VAT rate and check the 'taxed' box, enter each price excluding VAT and it will calculate the 'checkout' totals including VAT.

You can turn this new price display feature off if you prefer, this will return the quantity setting to the old spinner style.

This version fixes a bug with the Shopping List 'Finish' and Move features. Previously if the quantity of an item on the Shopping List was more than one, only one was added to the Stock List.

Many other minor fixes and enhancements.

More features coming soon!

If you'd like to send feedback or request new features just contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'd be pleased to assist you!