Getting Started with Fresh - Shopping Organiser


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When you first use Fresh you will have no products stored on your phone or tablet; you need to start by scanning all the things you regularly buy into your device.

We suggest you scan your groceries as you put them away, you should find that Fresh puts them in the correct Stock List (Fridge, Freezer or Cupboard), don't worry if you get messages that some items can't be found or they go into the 'wrong' list, they can be moved or will be added later.


Now tap the Shopping List icon:

if you have previously chosen to 'bin and order more' from your Stock Lists you will find the items are now on your Shopping List; if you haven't the list may be empty.

Tap the + icon to view the Out-of-stock list:

Any items that you have 'binned' from the Stock Lists (Fridge, Freezer or Cupboard) will be listed here. This is how Fresh builds up the list of products stored on your smartphone, each time you run out of something - just make sure you have scanned it, then - bin it.


To add items from your Out-of-Stock list to your Shopping List tap the item, then tap the 'cart with a +' icon; you can edit the quantity or add a note.


After a few weeks of use you will have all the items you regularly buy in your stock lists and out-of-stock list. In future when you scan one of your regular products, it will quickly add it from your phones storage and won't need to keep checking over the internet.


You can also scan items directly into the Shopping List, just tap the scan icon on the Shopping List page.

NEW! - Search'n Scan

Want to add a product to your shopping list that you haven't bought before and you don't have a product with a barcode to scan? Now you can search for it on your laptop, PC or tablet - hover the mouse over each search result and it'll show the product's barcode, simply scan it with Fresh! Try it now...

Search'n Scan