What Kind of Barcodes can I scan with Fresh - Shopping Organiser


EAN-8,UPC-E, UPC-A and EAN-13 encoded barcodes

Fresh is designed to scan product barcodes that you will find on food and grocery items worldwide, usually you will see an 8, 12 or 13 digit number under the barcode, however some supermarkets in the UK (e.g. ALDI, Iceland and ASDA) have barcodes that are printed around the product and you may find the code number written alongside.

Reduced item barcodes should not be scanned

REDUCED label barcodes are usually stuck over the normal barcodes, if you can't remove the reduced label or don't have access to the same product without a reduced label, you can search for the product description on the  Search 'n Scan page at www.enbase.com; scan the barcode that appears when you hover over the product description with your mouse or tap it on your PC or tablet.

Fresh - Shopping Organiser is not designed to scan QR codes, old 10 digit ISBN book barcodes or long barcodes that you may find on industrial equipment or palettes of cartons found in wholesalers.